Pride Protest Party
furious queers

The group of people that led an uprising which would become the first ever Pride parade, Stonewall, 28 June 1969

Pride Protest Party

We are a group of autonomous queers and allies concerned about the recent commodification and commercialisation of LGBTQ Pride. Through occupation and creative intervention we aim to broadcast the message that Pride originated as a protest, not a party.

Idle Phrase and a Rainbow refers to how corporate companies flower their advertisements for LGBTQ Pride with rainbows and phrases about love without actually acknowledging or addressing the LGBTQ community that they are capitalising on.

Albeit the explosion of rainbows around Pride every year does promote a sense of diversity and equality, it inevitably draws criticism as many companies hide behind the rainbow and use Pride as a lazy attempt at brand purpose and cause-based marketing.

True brand purpose is not just about once off advertising campaigns and slogans about love, but about how the actual company operates. If brands are celebrating the LGBTQ community during Pride month it is important to ask whether this support filters all the way through a business and throughout the whole of the year.

This involves using LGBTQ terminology where it is relevant, acknowledging gay, lesbian, bi and trans histories, employing a broader spectrum of sexualities and genders, modernising codes of conduct and contributing to LGBTQ businesses, media and charities.